Eureka Learning Systems │ Educational Psychology

ELS is an organisation dedicated to the support of children with learning differences and developmental delays. This is achieved through research and development of educational methods and materials as well as providing training and support to teachers, parents, caregivers and professionals who work with children having individualised and specialised needs.

ELS provides an individualised learning programme with a developmental focus. It is used by ELS“educational therapists”, working one on one with individual children, or in educational therapeutic support of children following a home schooling programme. It is also used within specialised schooling environments as the “educational therapeutic programme” alongside the national curriculum followed by the school. As ELS is an individualised learning programme with a developmental focus, it is not restricted to the child with “special needs”. It can be used with a neurotypically developing child, ensuring early childhood development of language, auditory and visual perceptual skills, literacy and numeracy.

ELS is a dynamic programme in that it is constantly revised as new research reveals greater understanding of how our brains receive, process and output information.


Deidre Bester is a registered ELS Educational Therapist with an honours degree in Psychology and 7 years experience with special needs education. She is also currently in the process of becoming a registered Psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Her journey started in special needs education with a focus in Autism and related disorders in Johannesburg at the end 2010. And she has recently started expanding her knowledge and expertise into the development of literacy and numeracy skills for children with barriers to learning and specific learning disorders such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. For more information email:

Aanikah Hendricks Behardien is a registered ELS Educational Therapist with an honours degree in Psychology and 6 years of experience working in special needs education. She helps kids with learning challenges and developmental delays, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, communication problems, and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her therapy consists of an individualized developmental approach and addresses 5 core learning areas: visual perception, auditory perception, language, literacy and numeracy. She has been working specifically with Autistic children since 2012. For more information email 


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