Our promise to you is that you will always be treated as an individual with specific needs that are unique to yourself or your child.

Services offered by our registered Phytotherapists:

  • Full Medical Screening & Assessment
    • Blood pressure
    • Blood sugar levels
    • Urine check
    • Height/ weight check
    • Full medical history
    • Physical examination for anaemia, jaundice etc.
  • Preventative medicine
  • Treatment of acute infections & diseases (colds & flu, diarrhoea, bladder innfections, sinusitis etc)
  • Treatment of chronic infections & diseases (asthma, diabetes, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, IBS etc)
  • Cancer treatment
  • Immune system support
  • Stress management & assessment, including
  • Nutritional assessment & supplement advice
  • Onsite dispensary for your convenience. Tailored natural herbal remedies made while you wait
  • Genetic Testing and nutrigenomic assessment (coming soon from Dr Kerry Haarhoff)

If you would like our practitioners to visit your workplace for assessments & educational talks, get in touch here.

Services Offered by our ELS Therapists

  • One-on-one, individualised ELS educational therapy
  • School observations
  • IEDP set-up and support
  • Parent and Tutor support with IEDPs, behaviour management, toileting, language and communication and social skills
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