Located in the heart of the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, Holistic Therapy on Main is a practice focused on treating the whole individual. Together, four practitioners work closely to ensure that you get the individualised care required.

We offer a comprehensive approach to educational therapy in children as well as a family practice centred around natural medicine.

Doctors Kerry Haarhoff and Sonia Couto are both Phytotherapists registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Phytotherapy is a science-based medical practice which utilises plant-derived, natural medication in the treatment & prevention of disease. You can find more information about Holistic Therapy on Main’s Phytotherapy component here.

Deidre Bester and Aanikah Hendricks are successful educational therapists, trained in Eureka Learning Systems (ELS). ELS is an organisation dedicated to the support of children with learning differences and developmental delays. ELS provides an individualised learning programme with a developmental focus. It is used by ELS therapists, working one on one with individual children, or in educational therapeutic support of children following a home schooling programme. More Info >> 


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